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    • Protect Your Skin: Best Ways To Avoid the Sun's Rays

      31 May 2023

      Summer is here and the sun has finally decided to crawl its way out from behind the clouds. While soaking up rays can feel good in the moment, it can lead to painful burns and serious long-term medical conditions. Enjoy the sun safely this summer with these easy ways to keep you safe from the sun’s rays. 

      Check Your Moisturizer
      You should be applying sunscreen to your face every single day. Why not make it easier on yourself and consolidate some of your morning routine? Check to be sure that your moisturizer contains SPF. Not only will you moisturize your skin, but you’ll also protect it from the sun’s rays. Want to consolidate even further? Try out a tinted moisturizer to even your skin and keep it safe. 

      Keep your skin safe from your head to your toes—and do it in style! Keep your scalp and face out of the sun with the hat of your choosing. Ball cap, trucker hat, bucket hat, whatever suits your fancy! 

      A once over with sunscreen is never enough! Be sure that you are reapplying throughout the day to ensure the efficacy of your SPF. Since sometimes it’s tricky to remember to incorporate a new task into your daily routine, link it to one that you’ve been doing your entire life. Apply SPF to make sure you’re keeping your skin healthy and happy. 

      Bring the Shade
      If you’re going to be outside for extended periods of time with little to no chance of shade, don’t be afraid to bring your own! Umbrellas, canopies and tents are all great options to give you shelter from the sun. 

      Fashion is Everything
      Use your clothing to save your skin from the sun’s rays. Especially when you’re on the go—whether that be hiking, biking or running—be sure to wear clothes that will keep your skin covered. UPF clothing is going to be the most efficient at protecting your skin. 

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    • 4 Benefits of Yoga

      31 May 2023

      When we think of fitness, it’s typically associated with heavy weight training, lengthy runs and intensive gym sessions. But what if the benefits of your daily exercise could go beyond the body and into the mind? 

      Yoga is a fantastic alternative way of fitting in your daily exercise. Explore the many ways yoga can benefit your body, mind and soul. 

      Yoga is a unique form of exercise in that it requires a heightened awareness of self. The slow, intentional movements allow time for the mind to quiet and slow down. The incorporation of breath allows you to tune into bodily sensations and inner feelings that you may have been suppressing. 

      Yoga recruits a different group of muscles than most other forms of exercise. Many yoga poses incorporate use of the shoulder girdle, hamstrings and triceps. The use of isometric exercises (exercises that hold the body in one position) builds strength and increases range of motion. 

      Yoga requires a certain extent of flexibility. The use of dynamic movement through stretches and poses allows the muscles to safely achieve a higher sense of flexibility. In turn, this newly found flexibility will result in fewer injuries, better posture and increased strength. 

      Accessible Anywhere
      Unlike many other forms of exercise, for yoga all you need is a mat and yourself! Yoga doesn’t require an abundance of space or equipment, making it ideal to practice from the comfort of your home or on the go while you’re traveling. Explore online resources such as Down Dog and Pocket Yoga for easy access to virtual, on-demand classes. 

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    • Gym Essentials for Beginners

      31 May 2023

      Ready to hit the gym, but don’t know where to start? The beginning of a fitness journey can feel overwhelming. With so many factors to take into consideration, what you need at the gym shouldn’t be one of them. Check out these five gym essentials for those starting a new fitness journey! 

      Comfortable Clothing 
      It’s hard to work out when you don’t feel like yourself! Make sure you dress in clothes you feel comfortable in. Look for moisture wicking, breathable fabrics to help keep you cool throughout your workout. When it comes to fitness wear, function is more important than fashion. Remember not to compare yourself to others because comfort has a different definition for everybody.  Above all, wear what makes you feel good!

      Pump up the jams while you pump that iron! Curate a playlist with music that energizes you and inspires you to push yourself to the limit! Any headphones will do, but wireless, waterproof headphones are ideal for comfort and function.  

      Supportive Shoes 
      Wellness builds from the bottom up. Make sure you’re taking care of your body starting with your feet. Your gym shoes will include different features depending on what you’ll be focusing on in your fitness journey. A lot of running and cardio will require cushioning technology and arch support. If you’re wanting to focus primarily on weight lifting, you’ll want to wear a shoe that provides stability and grip. Looking at HIIT training? Wear shoes that provide strong lateral support and plenty of cushioning. 

      Consistency builds results. Be sure to find a way to hold yourself on track when the going gets rough. Find an accountability buddy to check in with. Log your workouts on a fitness watch or app on your phone. Before too long, if you keep pushing, this pattern will become a habit!

      A “Why”
      At the end of the day, your success boils down to one thing: you! When you have a reason for embarking on your fitness journey, you are so much more likely to succeed. Find your why and be sure to remind yourself of it every time you lace up your trainers. 

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    • 4 Tips to Get Countertops Organized

      30 May 2023

      A great kitchen is a boon for any homeowner. Many prospective buyers place a high value on a roomy kitchen with new amenities and a lot of storage and counterspace. Unfortunately, remodeling your kitchen can be spendy, so if you are looking to get a little more room without a hefty price tag, organizing might be your best option. 

      Declutter Extra Appliances
      Few areas of your home collect miscellaneous gadgets like the kitchen. From tools to chop, mash, and puree, to a plethora of cooking appliances, you likely have a few tools sitting in your kitchen right now that you don't really use. Donate what you can and store appliances that only come out during the holiday season. Keeping your counters clear of less frequently used items is key to capitalizing on your space.

      Store Appliances off the Counter
      Your blender, toaster, and other appliances take up a lot of space. If you lack countertop organization, you may find that simply storing these appliances in a cupboard when not in use affords you plenty of room for your day-to-day tasks in the kitchen. Alternatively, consider only keeping out the items you use everyday or multiple times a day. 

      Use Vertical Space
      Capitalizing on vertical space is key in any organization project. Your kitchen is no exception. Take a page from Julia Child, and use a pegboard to organize your kitchen tools. Use Command hooks to hang items and get them off of the counters. Consider magnet strips to store your knives instead of keeping a butcher block on the countertops. Correctly using your vertical space it can ensure that you have a lot more counter space for cooking and prep when you need it.

      Use Baskets
      Some items do need to be stored on your kitchen counter. To ensure that everything stays contained and visually appealing, be sure that you are storing your items in baskets or bins.  Easy-to-clean baskets are perfect for storing fresh fruits and veggies, paperwork that must stay in the kitchen, and even spices or sauces. Anything that you regularly use in the kitchen should be appropriately stored in a basket or bin to ensure it doesn’t take over your countertops.

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    • School Prep Ideas for Your Home

      30 May 2023

      Before back-to-school hits in full swing, every household with school-age children should consider getting the home ready in advance. Since the school year brings with it sports, playdates, and homework, there are a lot of scheduling changes to contend with as summer transitions to fall. Mitigate some of the craziness of the transition by prepping these areas of your home in advance.

      Purge the Pantry
      The school season means sending snacks and sack lunches for many families. Make it easy to pack lunches and schoolyard snacks by going through your pantry and tossing any expired snacks or foods. Reorganize and bring any pre-packaged snacks to the front of the shelf for easy access. If your school has restrictions on certain foods due to allergens, be sure to set those items aside so they are not accidentally taken to school. This can also help your family inventory what needs to be purchased in your upcoming grocery trips, to ensure you have everything on-hand.

      Assess the Closets
      Back-to-school shopping is an annual tradition for most families. Whether your kids wear regular clothes or uniforms to school, some summer clothes will be too worn, stained, or small to wear outside of playtime. Now is an excellent time to take inventory of your children’s clothes to see what you may need for the coming school year. Donate any lightly worn or too-small clothing to someone in need or decide to host a summer yard sale before the school year picks up. Either way, you will know exactly what your kids need before you begin school shopping this year, which will make shopping a breeze.

      Prep a Homework Space
      Whether your kids tend to work on the kitchen table, or have their own desks for doing homework, now is an excellent time to ensure that any homework spaces have all the supplies they may need for the school year. From basics like calculators pens and pencils to bigger investments like laptops or tablets, now is the time to ensure that your child’s space has everything they need to be successful throughout the school year. If your child has a designated space within their room, help them reorganize and clean their room to create a calm and nurturing space that will foster their learning.

      Getting ahead of the game can ensure that busy mornings are not more difficult due to a lack of organization. 

      Published with permission from RISMedia.